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Laco B-Hur FI23883 Military Pilot Watch

Military watches are fascinating but those issued to pilots are all the more appealing. Here we have a special kind of pilot’s watch, one issued to the German Luftwaffe during WWII. The Laco B-Hur is in original conditions still attached to its factory issued leather band. The 55mm case makes for an incredible history packed watch. WWII era pilot watches were commonly worn over the military issued shearling jackets or strapped to the pilot’s leg.

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Article Number: 7099DCZMLQX
Brand: Laco
Model: B-Hur Military
Reference: FI23883
Serial Number: H29XXXXX
Metal: Steel
Dial Color: Black
Dial Model: Index
Movement Type: Manual
Strap / Band: Leather
Dimension: 55mm
Original Box:
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